Company profile

1997-2004 The company was founded and received its first construction contracts
2004-2005 Industrial construction division was established
2005-2007 Developing own design group
2007-2009 Establishment of the STROISERVIS group of companies
с 2007 Turn-key construction


The list of our services begins with Designing and ends with turn-key project implementation. We offer our customers innovations, competence, business partnership and visibility during project implementation. We attach great importance to issues of reliability and trust, paying special attention to service quality at all stages of the project and to all modules of the proposed range of services.

We work using a two-module system, i.e. we design (develop our projects) and do building work. We can optimally combine our know-how and work experience reached on the Russian construction market, proposing an individual package of services to our customers.

We take a comprehensive approach to project development, providing support and simulation of the construction facilities’ life cycles. We flexibly approach our customers’ requests, study their requirements, offer technical solutions to implement them. Our experts prove their competence and draw on their experience in face-to-face negotiations and in partnership co-operation.

The company has its own material and technological facilities, including formwork, scaffolding, residential containers, and various construction equipment. We do most of construction work through our own efforts.

The company personnel include over 500 skilled professionals, and about 40 engineering support experts and financial management ones.

Geography of the company

The company has a global network and implements projects all over Russia. Due to our experience and with the help of our partners, we are able to mobilize our facilities and personnel in the shortest possible time. Therefore, our company implements projects in many regions of Russia, offering innovative solutions and involving the best specialists.

The company is registered in Russia in accordance with the Russian law and has all the relevant certificates and deeds.

— Certificate of conformity to ISO 9001;

— Income tax registration certificate;

— Admission certificate to construction work (Self-regulatory organization)

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